Sally Taylor


Is a Mixed Media Artist Based in Swindon, Wiltshire

My art practice is informed by a mix of socially engaged art, curator, educator and my own personal studio based work. All are process driven and about the bringing together of different elements, either people, objects or environments. The act of making, being an important part of that process, my own and the encouragement of others to be creative. Collaboration is also a key factor, either with other artists or people and organisations within the community and has evolved over the past 20 years

My studio based work is influenced by my collection of discarded objects. Old photographs ,books,china, textiles and general ephemera of everyday life, which inspires or is used in the making process of the artwork.
Creating narratives, personal histories evoking memory and loss, through painting, collage, assemblage and more recently in textiles and natural dyes and stitch.
Themes involve family history, childhood, home and sense of place, often using the medium of the museum as a means of display.