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Burbage Window Wanderland 2023 will take place from Thursday 2nd to Saturday 4th February 4-9pm

Our theme this year is Favourite Characters - Film, Games, Books or Television


The entrance fee is £5 per address, and all proceeds will be donated to Sketchley Hill Primary School Association. You can sign up, by 8th January, by following the Sign Up link below.

Window Wanderland began in Bristol in 2015, where they have "inspired communities to create a festival of light and colour, where people transform their neighbourhood into a magical walking trail using illuminated paper designs in their windows."

There will be an event guide available to purchase from local vendors before and during the event.

We look forward to seeing you wandering around our colourful village in February 2023.

Create Your Window

Your window display can be as simple or as complex as you like. What is most important is you have fun getting creative, that and remember to turn your light on at 4pm each night so we can appreciate it too.


Below are some ideas on what you could use to create your display:

  • Create sihouettes using black paper, paint or glass pens.

  • Coloured tissue paper, paint or glass pens

  • Create shadow statues/static puppets using household items, behind a light drape/window covering infront, placed infront of  light source.

  • Handprints, foot prints

  • Fairy lights, battery opperated candles, torches

  • Dolls, soft toys, fancy dress items

  • Household items - cups, teapots, recycling, books etc

  • Project an image you have created digitally on to a white background (sheet/board/paper)


The possibilites are endless, just remember you want the light to shine through to show your creations to our Burbage Wanderers.

The Window Wanderland Gallery has excellent examples of past Wanderland displays. They also have a Facebook page where there are more examples of Wanderlands taking place across the country.

A few tips:

Windows higher up at better viewed from the street, especially if there is a hedge blocking the way

Use a timer switch on a lamp so your light automatically comes on.

You don't need to be artisically inclined, we arent judging your efforts, we want you to have FUN!

We are very excited to see you windows, we hope you are too.

Support BWW

Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

To guide Wanderers around the village to the lit up windows we will have available an event guide, which will contain maps and location information. We will also have space for local businesses to sponsor the event through advertisement. If you would like to advertise in the guide please get in touch by emailing us for further details and pricing.

Stock the Event Guide

If you would like to stock and sell our guide please get in touch.

Donations of Prizes

As part of the event we are going to ask for Wanderers to vote for their favourite window and award an art, craft and creativity prize to 1st 2nd and 3rd place. We are looking for donations for the 2nd and 3rd place hampers.

Share, Share Share

We have a dedicated Facebook page and event. We would love it if you could share our posts and updates so that we can get the message out there, because it is going to be an amazing event.


Interested? Have questions? Please get in touch by emailing us.

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